Brilliant Mr Badger
Brilliant Mr Burly Badger
A real family man. Strong, resourceful and a natural leader. Sometimes tends to be over optimistic and needs good friends to bring him down to earth. Curious and very interested in science and technology - very proud of his ancestors.     

Sergeant Boomer
A retired Army gunner who lives by himself in the caretaker’s hut at the bottom of the disused Army base at North Head. Loves animals and has afternoon tea in his hut with Mr Badger every week. Heads up the North Head Cadet (Engineer) Unit.

Mr Mudgeway (Mudge) Mole
Long time friend of Mr Badger. Bit of a timorous wimp and generally sees only the darker side of things. But sometimes comes up with good ideas.

Mr (Fagan) Fox
Very close loyal friend of Mr Badger. Clever and quick. Good on the computer. Always comes up with ideas but most are right out of left field and madly impractical.

Colonel Balaclava
A veteran soldier and the Commanding Officer of the Cadet Force in Army Headquarters. Half marathon runner and very fit. Has seen action in many wars and has a chest full of medals.

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